Turnkey Business Facts

Solar Powered Recreational Boats as a Rental Business

Key Business Facts

The success of Eco Donut Boats is dependent on your success as our customers, so to develop the ideal business strategy for us, we are focusing all our efforts to develop the ideal strategy for you and we have built our business on this principle.

Eric Roberts, Cofounder


We have 3 Turnkey Operation packages.

  • Starter Turnkey Package – Most Economical
  • Maxi Turnkey Package – Best Value
  • Ultra Turnkey Package – Highest Yielding

All packages included:

  • Full turn key operation
  • Eco Donut Branding Rights
  • Proven sales systems (based of 5 years of profitable sales)
  • Marketing and merchandising systems
  • Solar powered Sales booth
  • Floating dock system with dock boxes for life vests etc
  • Solar powered battery charging station (with 2 spare batteries for each 4 boats)
  • Full set up of the rental space 
  • Staff training
  • Boat maintenance training 
  • Service kit with spare parts

Starter Package (4 boats) Deposit $18,000

Providing an estimated 242% in the first year of operation. Total package is $60,000 + set up fees with $42,000 finance.

Maxi Package (8 boats) Deposit $35,000

Providing an estimated 275% in the first year of operation. Total package is $110,000 + set up fees with $75,000 under finance.

Ultra Package (12 boats) Deposit $45,000

Providing an estimated 334% in the first year of operation. Total package is $150,000 + set up fees with $105,000 finance.

Finance Details

All packages can be financed through you local bank or finance providers or we can help you with a finance package from a Swiss Finance provider. see the details for each Turnkey package in the links below.

Key Facts for Starter Package 

Starter Package is a turnkey business with 4 boats

  • Using a Financing Option, Estimated ROI can be over 254%* in the first year alone! If you plough back the additional profit, you could pay off the boats in less than 2 years and be making pure profit after that.
  • The Eco Donut Base Package (4 boats) starts with a $18,000 deposit to get you started and can produce a profit of $53,000 for you, even in a moderate traffic tourism location* (financing cost is approx. $850/month) 
  • Minimal Additional Costs to operate these boats as an add-on to exiting kayak or paddleboat operations

*Our estimates are based on a 4 boat turnkey business and 5 years of actual retail trading success. The numbers are indicative only. We will provide you with the boats and systems to sell them successfully. It is up to you as the operator to ensure you place the operation in a good location and provide quality service to your customers.

Why Should I Add the ECO Donut to My Fleet?

  1. Very high ROI – starting at over 254% in the first year and rising to over 450% by year 6. (when you use our financing option)
  2. Complementary niche – the Eco donut customers are different customers, so you will not be cannibalising your existing business
  3. Minimal impact on existing costs – admin and operational cost will barely feel any difference, but your bottomline will definitely increase
  4. Greater visibility and attraction, the Eco Donuts attract more customers and new ones you never had before
  5. New up-sell opportunities – because the Eco Donuts are floating picnic tables, there are opportunities to add value to the customers with F&B offers.
  6. Entry cost is low – when you buy in with a finance package, the ROI on the entry cost is outs

What Do I Get as an Operator

  1. Right to use the Eco Donut brand – you will have exclusive rights to use our branding and our boats in your area.
  2. Exclusivity in your area – you will be the sole operator in your area and if you decide to expand, distributor licenses may be available to allow you to expand across your region or even your country. 
  3. 24/7 tech support over the phone – if your are not sure what to do, we are only a phone call away, ready to help you with anything you need.
  4. Operational set up assistance – we fly in, help you set your operation up, train 
  5. Sales & Staff Training – we train you and your staff on how to sell the boats and how to run the operation efficiently.
  6. Full training on the boats assembly and basic repairs – we ship the boats to you and do the final assembly onsite or nearby your location so you can have one of your team involved and knowledgable about the boats from the start, reducing any downtime and increasing your ROI
  7. Boat tool kit and spare parts kit – everything you need to do quick repairs and get  your boat quickly back  into operation, if your customers do manage to break something
  8. Point of sale and other marketing and merchandising – we provide you with a website or add-on pages for your website, ad copy, proven promotional activities, flags, promotional boards and more to help catch your customers eye