Maxi Package – 8 boats 

Solar Powered Recreational Boats as a Rental Business

Maxi Package – 8 boats 

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Above is the Earnings Potential (based on 5 years of actual trading)

Deposit $35,000

Total financed $75,000, 

Projected ROI 275% (in the first year of operation) 

Total package is $110,000 


Financing Breakdown (indicative estimates)

These estimates are based on a 5 year standard commercial loan at 70% of the value of the purchase and a 5% interest rate

Initial deposit: $35,000.00

Loan payments: $1,417.73

Total interest: $10,063.80

Total payable: $85,063.80

Boat Value financed: $75,000.00

Interest Rate: 5% 

Finance period: 60 months (5 years)

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