About Us

Solar Powered Recreational Boats as a Rental Business

We are a recreational rental boat operation based in the UAE. Like many entrepreneurs we moved to Dubai looking for business opportunities and unlike many, we found a great one.

We had an idea for a recreational solar boat that could be fun and easy to drive, meaning anyone could easily do it with little prior training or experience. A business that could compliment other types of recreational boating such as kayaks, we didn’t want to take business away from our other activities, and something that was easy to run and sell.

We found it and for the last 5 years, we have been running it very successfully. We decided to move away from the UEA and come back to Europe and thought to ourselves, why not share our success with others and grow the business beyond the Middle East.

Rather than just expanding, which we will do some of, we decided to license out our knowhow and experience to other operators. I mean, heck, we can’t be everywhere at once and we aren’t looking to operate a global business on our own. We have families and we like to relax too.

The business model works, it is scalable regionally without becoming difficult to run, it is fun and makes people happy. Our Co founder Eric calls our boats floating picnic tables and takes his family out on them all the time in Malta.

You can buy a turnkey package outright and, based on our numbers over the last 5 years, you could fully recoup your total investment in the first 14 months of operation. If you use some standard 5 year commercial financing, you can make a 242% ROI in year one and never look back from there on in.

We come to your location, set up the whole business for you, train you and your staff on every aspect of the business, run a launch event for you and from there you are away, if you have any questions, we are available to you 24/7 all year every year. We will pop back to help you with your maintenance once a year and send you any spares you might not (there won’t be many) and regularly share new things that are working for us with promotional or operational parts of our business.

We are continuing to operate our regions and so we are doing business just as you are. You will be able to contact and work with other operators in other regions, we will run worldwide promotions and do all sorts of fun and profitable things as a group.

We all look forward to you joining our team, becoming part of the Eco Donut family.

Send us a message here and we can get you started!