Fast Return on Investment

A recent and  new operator in Reem Island, in UAE was operating at full capaicty within 3 days of opening, they are already asking for another 4 boats.

Low Cost to Establish

Whether you finance or buy outright, the turnkey package is priced well enough to cover those costs in the first year, depending on your location.

Easy to Operate & Low Downtime

With the boats being solar and robustly built, there is little that can go wrong wiht them. We give you a full repair kit and maintenance schedule. 

Easy to Market Due to Solar

With 5 years of figuring out how to market these boats, we give you everything you need to get selling fast and keep selling consistently.


Brand new Recreational Boat rental business with unlimited potential as a TURNKEY BUSINESS opportunity for You

We have been renting these wonderful boats for 5 years now and they are consistent profit makers. We are now packgaing up our existing business and offering it to you for your region. A proven winner without the big franchise costs normally associated with a turnkey offer.


You get a Fully Operational Turnkey Business

We set up the whole thing, train your staff, even run a special launch party and get along the press, we have been doing this for years and know how to get it working fast.


This is More Than Just Buying Some Boats 

Our success is based on your success, so we want you to being kicking goals and making profits, so provide you with all the systems and service you need to do it.

Reem Island

Check it out

Abu Dhabi


In The Mangrove


What Our Clients Say

After 5 years, we have tons of satisfied cutomers, here are just a few telling us what they think of the boats, you will be amazed how people react these pleasurecraft. 

“My husband and I love the Eco Donut Boats. It just an awsome way to spend an afternoon”

Anna Johnson

“We use them as a lunch table, as a swimming platform, we even enjoy taking one to have a candle lite dinner”

Eric Black

“These boats are so much fun, cheap too. I take my sisters kids and they love it.”

John Collins

Join us. It will only take a minute

Our Team Leaders

We are here to help you be a success, feel free to get in contact with either of us and ask us some questions or tell us your thoughts. We are happy to listen and help you whenever we can.

Berend Lens van Rijn


I love solar and I love boats, this is how i came up with the idea of combining the two and making a business out of it. I look forward to working with you.

Eric Roberts


Business Development and strategic planning are my strengths. I focus on getting us to where we need to be to service our customers best so we all win.

4 Boats

Up to 242% 

8 Boats

Up to 275%

12 Boats

Up to 334%

Thats the ROI we make and we think you can do it too.

… and we have put together 3 packages to help you do it. 

Ultra Package – 12 Boats 

Above is the Earnings Potential (based on 5 years of actual trading) Deposit $45,000 Total financed $105,000,  Projected ROI 334% (in the first year of operation)  Total package $150,000  […]

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December 6, 2018 0

Maxi Package – 8 boats 

Above is the Earnings Potential (based on 5 years of actual trading) Deposit $35,000 Total financed $75,000,  Projected ROI 275% (in the first year of operation)  Total package is $110,000 […]

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December 6, 2018 0

Starter Package – 4 Boats

Above is the Earnings Potential (based on 5 years of actual trading) Deposit $18,000 Total financed $42,000,  Projected ROI 242% (in the first year of operation)  Total package is $60,000 Financing[…]

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December 4, 2018 0

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Drop us a line and see if your region or city is available, If it is, we can put togehter a pavkage to suit your needs